Beginner’s guide to anal play

If you’re curious about anal play but haven’t yet tried it, read our guide to ensure you have the best experience possible. 

The anus is packed full of nerve endings just waiting to be stimulated so what are you waiting for. 


Douching is the term used for cleansing your anus.  There are different douches to choose from but as a beginner we would recommend our Anal Douche. It has a small nozzle and is super easy to use.  By cleansing your anal passage before anal play, you will feel much more confident and comfortable.  It’s not only more hygienic but you are also less likely to have any 'accidents'. If you need to empty your bowels, you should do this before douching.  After, fill the bulb with water, insert the nozzle inside your anus, squeeze to dispel the water and withdraw.  Continue the steps until the water is clear.

Use lube

You should always use lubricant when stimulating the anus. Unlike the vagina, your anus is not self-lubricating.  Therefore, it needs a little help and lubricant will help penetration go smoothly. We recommend lubricating the anal area as well as any toy you might use. 

Start small and go slow

When beginning anal play, it’s important that you warm up your sphincter muscles first to avoid tearing or causing any damage.  We would suggest caressing with a finger or teasing with the end of a small butt plug.  Once you feel turned on, relaxed and ready, begin penetration at a slow and steady pace. Relax and breathe slowly and your sphincter muscles will stretch, enabling you to insert further and bigger if you so wish.  

We would recommend purchasing our Anal Beginner Kit to start.  It contains an anal douche, small silicone anal beads and a small silicone non-vibrating butt plug. Alternatively you could try one of our non-vibrating training kits so you  can enjoy the journey from small to large.  

Cleaning up

Once you have finished, gently remove the toy. If you prepared well, you shouldn’t have any mess but if you do, simply clean with sex toy cleaner or warm soapy water. 

Keep exploring 

If you enjoyed your first anal experience, there is a plethora of sex toys for you to try.  Check out our store to see which toy you want to take on your next anal adventure!