Revo, the world's best-selling prostate massagers

Nexus Revo is the world's best selling range of rotating prostate massagers. 

Each Revo gives a thorough and effective massage to the prostate delivered by its strong torque motor. 

There are 8 in the range and all come with different features to ensure you find the right combination.  So, if you are interested in prostate massage, or just wish to know the range better, we have compiled a guide below so you can pick the perfect Revo for you!

Every Revo is made from high quality silicone, has a 2 speed, bi rotational shaft, a perineum stimulator and is rechargeable; but that is where the similarities end. 

You may want a slim, medium or large shaft. Remote control may be important to you or you may want something that will support your testicles to keep you going for longer. Maybe, you want a more intense prostate massage or maybe price point is the most important thing.

Whichever model you go for, you can rest assured it will deliver an intense and thorough prostate massage you'll love.


The original Revo has a medium sized shaft, a 6 speed perineum massager and comes in blue and black.  It's also waterproof so you can take your fun to the bath or shower and clean up is easy. 

Revo Slim

The clue is in the name!  This Revo has a slimmer shaft perfect for beginners.  It has a 6 speed vibrating perineum massager for dual prostate and perineum stimulation and is remote control making control easy for the user or partner.  Waterproof too!  

Revo Stealth

Revo Stealth is the best-selling Revo.  It has a medium sized shaft, a 6 speed vibrating perineum massager for dual stimulation and comes with a  remote control.  It's also waterproof for all round performance.

Revo Intense

Revo Intense has a flat base.  This makes the toy sit differently in the body to gives a more intense experience. It has a 6 speed vibrating perineum massager and is waterproof.

Revo Extreme

For the more experienced user.  Revo Extreme has a shaft with a very wide girth. The base has stimulation nubs which work well with the 6 speed vibrating perineum massager.  It's also comes with a remote control and  and is waterproof.

Revo Embrace

Revo Embrace  has 4 points of pleasure for those that want the ultimate experience.  The rotating shaft is medium in size, its has a 6 speed vibrating perineum massager and a stretchy cock and ball ring to keep the wearer harder for longer.  It also has the convenience of a remote control and is waterproof.

Revo Air

Revo Air uses 6 patterns of air suction technology to provide simultaneous stimulation to the perineum as the medium sized shaft massages the prostate. It comes with a remote control and is waterproof.

Revo Twist

A truly unique concept! Revo Twist comes with a 6 speed vibrating butt plug on end with the rotating shaft on the other. Use for dual prostate and perineum stimulation or twist it in the middle so it becomes a probe shape.  This toy can be used 4 different ways, find your favourite.  The vibrating and rotating functions can be used together or independently.  Comes with a remote control. Splashproof.


Revo remote controls can be used up to 8 metres away.  They are waterproof and rechargeable.  Submerse them in in water up to 1 metre for 30 minutes and take hour to charge for 100 hours use. 

For further information of the Revo range or other prostate massagers please visit our shop.