Share the best remote controlled sex toys on Valentine’s day

Love is in the air as Valentine’s Day approaches, so why not go beyond the traditional bouquet and chocolates?  Surprise your partner with an evening of playful discovery with remote-controlled sex toys, perfect for a fun and intimate night together.

Nexus Duo Plug

Nothing whispers romance quite like a shared secret, and the Nexus Duo Plug offers just that. This small, vibrating butt plug comes with a remote control for discreet but powerful pleasure. Imagine a romantic dinner, where only the two of you know the reason behind those knowing smiles. The remote works up to 8 meters away, blending seamlessly into your evening whether you're nestled on the couch or taking a romantic walk.

Create a Romantic Setting: Begin your evening with a romantic setup. Soft lighting, your favourite music in the background, and perhaps a gift box that reveals the Nexus Duo Plug.

Why We Love It: The Nexus Duo Plug is small but powerful and can be used anally or vaginally; making it the perfect toy to test out the intimacy of remote controlled pleasure

Nexus Tornado

Take your anal play to the next level this Valentine’s day with the Nexus Tornado. This rotating and vibrating butt plug is a whirlwind of sensations, designed to elevate any kind of anal play. With 3 rotation modes and 6 vibration settings, the Nexus Tornado offers 27 unique combinations. Give the remote control to your partner and let their hands guide your pleasure.

Create a Romantic Setting: Set the stage for an unforgettable experience by introducing the Tornado during a shared bath, surrounded by warmth and intimacy.

Why We Love It: Beyond its impressive powerful vibrations, the Nexus Tornado is perfect for adventurous couples to try out something new.

Nexus Revo

For all the men looking to redefine their pleasure, the Revo Collection stands ready to oblige. Our best-selling rotating and vibrating prostate massagers are created for those who want to explore the depths of their desires. They are available in many different sizes and with added options. For example, the Nexus Revo Embrace even has a double cock ring so you can keep going harder and longer.

Create a Romantic Setting: Introducing a Revo toy can transform an ordinary evening into an evening of discovery. Begin with a sensual massage, letting the anticipation build before unveiling one of the Revo toys as the centre piece of your night.

Why We Love It: What sets the Revo collection apart is that it’s designed to deliver an intense dual experience. Whether it’s the rotating and vibrating features or something extra like air suction technology or a handle that can twist, the Nexus Revo toys let you experience intense pleasure and prolong the moments that you wish could last forever

Our remote controlled toys are perfect for couples looking to add a spark of excitement and a touch of mystery to their Valentine's Day celebration. Which will you choose?