10 best anal sex positions

Whether you’re new to anal sex, or been doing it for years and looking for some inspiration: here is a list of the best anal sex positions that you have to try!

Top 3 best anal sex positions

  1. Doggy

Let’s start the list strong. Doggy style is a classic anal sex position and for good reason. It’s perfect for deep penetration and the receiver can arch their back for even deeper thrusts. The receiving partner should get on all fours so the other partner can enter from behind. From here, the penetrating partner can stroke your clitoris, nipples or balls for an even better feeling.

  1. The Lotus

This is definitely one of the most intimate anal sex positions on this list. The penetrating partner sits down with their legs crossed. The receiving partner climbs on top and slowly lowers themself down. With this position, you will feel the intensity of anal sex combined with the intimacy of holding each other close and looking into each other’s eyes.

  1. Lap dance

This position is perfect for people who are new to anal sex. You can choose to perform this position while looking at each other or while looking the other way. The penetrating partner takes a seat on the edge of the bed, chair, or couch. The partner who is getting penetrated sits on their partner’s lap. This anal sex position allows you to touch and kiss the neck, breasts or legs at the same time. The partner on top will take the lead and can lean back or forward to change the angle of penetration.

Let’s continue the list of best anal sex positions

Of course, our top 3 of the best anal sex positions might not be your top 3. So, we have gathered some more popular positions for you to try out.

  1. Spooning

Spooning is not only very romantic, but it is also a perfect anal sex position. Try out the spooning position if you’re new to anal. It is a great way to ease into anal sex because you can just lay down and enjoy each other and the sensations you’re feeling. The person laying behind the receiving partner has full control over the depth and intensity of the thrusts. This anal sex position is very intimate as you can hold and stroke each other at the same time.

  1. Flat doggy

Flat doggy is very suitable for surface level penetration. Anal penetration doesn’t have to go deep to enjoy it. Most nerve endings are located in the first 5 centimetres of the anus, so this anal sex position will feel amazing! For flat doggy, the receiving partner will lay on their stomach with their legs close together. The penetrating partner will go on top and will have a beautiful view of the butt.

  1. Standing anal sex

Spice it up a little and try a standing anal sex position. This position is ideal for surface level penetration as well, giving the anal opening all the attention it deserves. The receiving partner will lay down on a bed or couch with their butt facing the penetrating partner. Lean back into the penetrating partner and move your hips to control the speed and motion.

  1. The Golden Arch

This is a bit trickier but still a lot of fun! The penetrating partner sits down on the bed with straight legs. The receiving partner sits on top of your thighs with their knees bend past your torso. Both of you lean back, planting your hands firmly on the bed. This position allows both partners to get the motions going together, instead of just one partner controlling the speed and depth.

  1. Legs on shoulders

Looking for some deep anal penetration? Then this is the perfect position for you. The partner who’s getting penetrated lays on their back with their legs on the shoulders of the penetrating partner. Their body should be in a 90 degree position.

  1. Valedictorian

This anal sex position is great because the penetrating partner has control over the depth and speed of the thrusts. Let the receiving partner lay on their back and spread their legs in a V-shape. The penetrating partner will now have easy access to the booty and a great view over the body of the receiver.

  1. Squatting cowgirl

Last but not least, this anal sex position is similar to the traditional cowgirl position, but instead of having the receiving partner’s knees beside you, they have their soles planted next to you so they’re in a squatting position. The penetrating partner can hold the receiver by the butt and allow for deep thrusts. Even though one partner is on top, the partner who is laying down is still in control of speed and motion.

Make anal sex even better

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Have fun experimenting with all these anal sex positions!